This shoot was impossible without a Strong, creative and supportive team. Shan and Amrita were amazing and unbelievably cooperative as they were more than willing to take risks for the picture. In addition, working with EM Photography was incredibly fun. Not only were they hard-working but also an awesome bunch of people with amazing personalities. Had an unforgettable trip with them.
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:: Editing/Grading : Adobe Premiere Pro CC
:: Camera/Lenses :Sony A7S Mark ll / DJI Phantom 3 Pro /Canon 5D Mark ll /70-200MM /24 -70 MM
:: Music :Naan Un - A.R. Rahman
:: Cinematography : Trails of Memories Cinematography
:: Photography : EM Photography

Follow our trails through the Red Rocks 

As wind flows through my hair,as the sun touches down on my skin, and heat surrounds my body, all I feel is the love we have for one another !
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:: Editing/Grading : Adobe Premiere Pro CC
:: Camera/Lenses :Sony A7S / DJI Phantom 3 Pro / 50MM - 24-70MM
:: Music :The magic, the spark By jeyash
:: Cinematography :Trails of Memories Cinematography
:: Photography :Impressions by Annuj
:: Muah : showoff_makeup

I'm sure you have heard of dream-catchers, but have you heard of rain catchers? Let me introduce you to Red Epic aka the rain catcher. Shooting at 300 frames per second, it was flawless in capturing every single raindrop from the ever so grey strati. Well not exactly. We wanted to control the rain, so we completed a backyard set-up, compromising of LED day lights, a backdrop, and a garden hoes with a sprinkler head. That was our way of capturing nature.


:: Editing/Grading : Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects
:: Camera : RED EPIC & Canon 5D Mark II
:: Lenses : Zeiss 85mm -100mm -18mm & Canon 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 100mm 2.8, 
:: Music : Thalaivaa - Yaar Indha Saalai Oram


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