:: Cinematography : Trails of Memories Cinematography
:: Photography : Trailsofmemories
:: Muah : Seher Studio Inc.
:: Decor : Geethams Event Decor Inc.

TRAILS OF MEMORIES CINEMATOGRAPHY is very proud to announce that for the first time we have attempted to master an aerial shot for this couple in the rain and the outcome is tremendous. A personal thanks and valuable credit goes to DV Shan for teaching me and for providing me with the tools and tutorials necessary for me to accomplish this shot.

Adoree & Max : Wedding Highlights

Adoree & Max's special day was simplicity at its finest, and family at its grandest . This presence of love, family and friends, glowing all the way from London to Boston to Toronto really set the mood for this wonder occasion.

This balance of elements echoed the lyrics of Marie Hines that helped us beautifully craft their highlight video. Although we encountered lighting issues with the reception hall, with lights abruptly turning off during entrances; Adoree's beautiful smile and colourful wardrobe tied with Max's classy black and white tux, which were both happily tailored by their love for each other really help light this trail of memories.

Anurag + Rouchelle's Wedding Highlights


Anurag & Rouchelle